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By guest, Jun 22 2016 06:32PM

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Jul 3 2019 02:34AM by Sad

Cold burnt fries some under cooked about ten in all
Stale burger buns beef tasteless and cold
We’ve been local customers since you opened your doors but tonight was the straw that broke the camels back. Cashier Erica is awful and has no business in front of the house. She’s not customer oriented and could really care less about your business. New counter worker Conner pleasant hung up on us when we called back to explain our order was sadly prepared and nothing like the order of four pizzas, large pan of pasta and 6 sandwiches and fries I saw given away to Erica and the cooks family members who came in right before closing. Conner tried to ring up their order but was not allowed to. Erica pushed him aside and intercepted the couple when they came in.

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